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Online Skill Tests

The online skill test is a very vital for an online marketplace. If you need to make money online from your house/ personal office room you can easily do this. You can easily equally offer jobs in Upwork or others marketplace.

Formerly getting started with tests, this is the first one you’ll need to take!

Test Steps:

You will follow the step-

1. Click on Test.


skills tests

2. Test Contents or Topics read out then click start test.


test contents


3. Online testing policies and the instructions carefully read out and Click Start Test.

test policies and instructions


4. Test Question pattern:

skills test question formate


5. When Test complete, you see a Test complete page. There are 2 options. Both options you just read our & click- Yes, definitely. And also leave any additional comments here. The comment must be your own style if you leave. Comments are not mandatory.

test complete page


6. After completing the test, you see Skills Test Results page (There are Topic, Your Score, Passing score) and Click End Test.

test results page


7. And finally your full Test Score details.

test score details result


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