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How to choose a perfect niche?

Are you tensed to choose a perfect niche? If your target is to become a popular blogger, before you start your blog, just study the following steps:

Opening a blog can be challenging. Only a perfect dedicated blogger who can plan professional looking blogs. What do you write about? What is your blog even going to be about? So, how to find out what niche is the best fit for your blog.




Your niche basically depends on your writing categories. It’s a kind of information that your suggestion to your audience. It covers your topics. Niche means a focused, targetable part of a market for certain products or services that were really demandable. Niche is used for a specific geographical area for a specific human being to attract on it.


Types of Niches

types of niches

  • Fashion
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Health & Beauty
  • Travel
  • Home & Garden
  • Computer & Electronics
  • Education & Training
  • Business
  • Financial & Insurance
  • High-End & Luxury Stores

So, how do you find what niche is right for you? You want to achieve the highest form of knowledge in the niche/topic of your choice. So, pick up the one that charms to you. You are passionate about the most important interesting issue- aim to reach success, happiness, comfort, security, and recognition. Your own point of view you will be able to position and differentiate your blog from the competition by picking your niche of interest and having


Innovation your idea

innovation your idea

Firstly, you have to determine which niche is best for you:

  • Create a list of your interests or hobbies. Which topics attract you? List them all, for example, SEO, technology, research, golf, fishing, yoga, playing games, cooking, education, science etc.
  • Create a list of the actions you are proud of, for example, musical talent, artistic talent, sports achievements, etc.
  • Create a list of problems you have overcome or defeated, for example: lost an important amount of weight, improved from a financial obstacle, etc.

You will get a better touch on the topics that boom with you. The ones that you are most passionate about are the best candidates for your suitable niche.


Justification your blog success

justification your blog success

You want to blog for prestige, fortune, fun, or connections, you need to research the niche you choose and make sure the topic is practicable. This idea will help you and determine whether your blog has actual possible. Also, it will help you to understand why most blogs fail.


Prospective niche sizeprospective niche size

Even if you believe you have a brilliant blog idea, you will likely struggle to succeed unless you find a niche market with enough people or one with little competition. You don’t want your niche to be too small or too big.

You have to know that-

  • If your niche allintitle search results below 1000 or between 1000 to 5000 this is called Non-competitive/Low competition niche.
  • If your niche allintitle search results between 5000 to 15000, this is called fairly competitive/medium competition niche,
  • If your niche allintitle search results between 15000 to above, this is called competitive/high competition niche.

Example: The size of keyword “cricket” niche is on average monthly searches result from 673,000. Competition position is low and suggested bid is $0.20.


Potential competition

potential competition

If you have the competitor this is the best signal for your blog. It means others are gossiping about your perfect niche and are keenly involved in tracking it. It’s also important to note that bloggers in your niche are not always your competition.

You can follow a competition form process that is given below:

  • Can you search blogs currently targeting your niche?
  • Are there at minimum 5 popular blogs focused on your topic?
  • Do a Google search for “[niche] blog” or “best [niche] blogs”
  • Don’t miss curiosity if you see a large number of blogs in your niche. If they can do it, so can you!
  • Go to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and do a search for your niche. Are there active Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus pages? Not all topics provide themselves to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, but most do.
  • Look for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus pages and how many followers they have. Great niches will show at least 1k fans.
  • Are there offline magazines? This is the gold standard for a niche. If someone is going to the trouble and expense of creating a hard copy magazine centered on your niche, you can be sure there are online fans looking for information about the topic.
  • You can check Amazon Magazines or just do google search for “[niche] magazine or journal”. This one is the no-brainer, we see all the golf related magazines at the local grocery stores.

If you just only one or two of these points are positive, it’s a good signal your niche has a potential.


Potential monetization monetary

potential monetization monetary

There are many people who will start blogging as a hobby without necessarily looking at monetizing their blog. Do you want to earn money with your blog? However, others want to make extra cash and even someone dream of making a living by blogging. It doesn’t matter which category you are in, it wouldn’t hurt to know if your blog can bring you the income you desire. You found other blogs, active social profiles, and offline magazines or journals in the previous sections, it means the niche is active and possibly monetizable.

To make sure your niche is monetizable research the following:

What type of information readers want from the blog? What content should you start creating? You can write about anything and everything, but you have to really understand what your readers want to see or read. While there may be other existing blogs dedicated to your area of expertise, they are not YOURS! If you have a unique perspective, people will want to read about it. There is never enough information for the voracious appetites of collectors and enthusiasts. They desire more and with practice, you can give them that.

  • Is anyone selling information products related to your niche? The easiest way is to check what your competitors are promoting.
  • Are there well-known advertisers in your niche? These could be the big brands or e-commerce sites.
  • Are there affiliate offers in your niche? Here’s how to find affiliate offers: Check affiliate networks-
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • com,
  • com,
  • com.
  • Do a Google search “[your keyword] affiliate” or “[your keyword] affiliate program”.

These points can help you determine whether you can build a successful blog in the niche of your choice that helps you generate income.


Be Confident And Focus For It!

be confident and focus for it

Be confident and start a blog in that niche. Write your first post! Who cares if it doesn’t look pretty! Write a post tomorrow. And the next day! And the next day! A niche that you truly enjoy, you will find it easy to write posts about things related to your niche. Sure, you may still get writer’s block from time to time. But it will be nothing compared to trying to blog about a niche that you really couldn’t care less about.

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