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What is the domain name?

Domain name means

  • It is the part of your Internet address bar that comes after “www”.
  • It becomes your Business Address that describes a kingdom of organizational autonomy, authority and control power within the Internet.
  • It is formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System or DNS.
  • It’s indicate a location where certain facts or actions can be found.

Your domain name should be easy and call to action to remember and easy to type. It will be able to discover your blog through search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN etc. You will be paying the annual fee for your domain name.

For example, in crazyfield.com the domain name is crazyfield.


Types of domain name:

There are some types of domain target market that is differentiated by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).


Original top-level domains






Any person or commercial is permitted to register and this is an open Top-level Domain (TLD)



Any person or entity is permitted to register and use by non-profit organizations and this is an open Top-level Domain (TLD)



Any person or entity is permitted to register and this is an open Top-level Domain (TLD)


international organizations

It is used organizations, offices, and programs and it is strictly limited.


U.S. higher education

It is used specific educational institutions and this is limited.


U.S. national and state government agencies

This is used United States governmental entities and agencies as well as qualifying state, county and local municipal government agencies and also top level domain is limited.


U.S. military

This is limited Top level Domain and also used United States military.


Country code Top Level Domains (ccTLD)

Two letter domains recognized for geographical localities. When formerly nominated, usually only citizens of a country could register their corresponding ccTLD but over the years fairly a few countries have permitted parties outside their coasts to register names. Below the table show ccTLD name and intended use.

.ac (Ascension Island) .gf (French Guiana) .nf (Norfolk Island)
.ad (Andorra) .gg (Guernsey) .ng (Nigeria)
.ae (United Arab Emirates) .gh (Ghana) .ni (Nicaragua)
.af (Afghanistan) .gi (Gibraltar) .nl (Netherlands)
.ag (Antigua and Barbuda) .gl (Greenland) .no (Norway)
.ai (Anguill) .gm (The Gambia) .np (Nepal)
.al (Albania) .gn (Guinea) .pn (Pitcairn Islands)
.am (Armenia) .gp (Guadeloupe) .pr (Puerto Rico)
.an (Netherlands Antilles) .gq (Equatorial Guinea) .ps (Palestine)
.ao (Angola) .gr (Greece) .pt (Portugal)
.aq (Antarctica) .gs (South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands) .pw (Palau)
.ar (Argentina) .gt (Guatemala) .py (Paraguay)
.as (American Samoa) .gu (Guam) .qa (Qatar)
.at (Austria) .gw (Guinea-Bissau) .re (Réunion)
.au (Australia) .gy (Guyana) .ro (Romania)
.aw (Aruba) .hk (Hong Kong) .rs (Serbia)
.ax (Åland) .hm (Heard Island and McDonald Islands) .ru (Russia)
.az (Azerbaijan) .hn (Honduras) .rw (Rwanda)
.ba (Bosnia and Herzegovina) .hr (Croatia) .sa (Saudi Arabia)
.bb (Barbados) .ht (Haiti) .sb (Solomon Islands)
.bd (Bangladesh) .hu (Hungary) .sc (Seychelles)
.be (Belgium) .id (Indonesia) .sd (Sudan)
.bf (Burkina Faso) .ie (Ireland) .se (Sweden)
.bg (Bulgaria) .il (Israel) .sg (Singapore)
.bh (Bahrain) .im (Isle of Man) .sh (Saint Helena)
.bi (Burundi) .in (India) .si (Slovenia)
.bj (Benin) .io (British Indian Ocean Territory) .sj (Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands)
.bm (Bermuda) .iq (Iraq) .sk (Slovakia)
.bn (Brunei) .ir (Iran) .sl (Sierra Leone)
.bo (Bolivia) .is (Iceland) .sm (San Marino)
.bq (Bonaire) .it (Italy) .sn (Senegal)
.br (Brazil) .je (Jersey) .so (Somalia)
.bs (Bahamas) .jm (Jamaica) .sr (Suriname)
.bt (Bhutan) .jo (Jordan) .ss (South Sudan)
.bv (Bouvet Island) .jp (Japan) .st (São Tomé and Príncipe)
.bw (Botswana) .ke (Kenya) .su (Soviet Union)
.by (Belarus) .kg (Kyrgyzstan) .sv (El Salvador)
.bz (Belize) .kh (Cambodia) .sx (Sint Maarten)
.ca (Canada) .ki (Kiribati) .sy (Syria)
.cc (Cocos (Keeling) Islands) .km (Comoros) .sz (Swaziland)
.cd (Democratic Republic of the Congo) .kn (Saint Kitts and Nevis) .tc (Turks and Caicos Islands)
.cf (Central African Republic) .kp (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) .td (Chad)
.bn (Brunei) .kr (Republic of Korea) .tf (French Southern and Antarctic Lands)
.cg (Republic of the Congo) .kw (Kuwait) .tg (Togo)
.ch (Switzerland) .ky (Cayman Islands) .th (Thailand)
.ci (Côte d’Ivoire) .kz (Kazakhstan) .tj (Tajikistan)
.ck (Cook Islands) .la (Laos) .tk (Tokelau)
.cl (Chile) .lb (Lebanon) .tl (East Timor)
.cm (Cameroon) .lc (Saint Lucia) .tm (Turkmenistan)
.cn (People’s Republic of China) .li (Liechtenstein) .tn (Tunisia)
.co (Colombia) .lk (Sri Lanka) .to (Tonga)
.cr (Costa Rica) .lr (Liberia) .tp (East Timor)
.cu (Cuba) .ls (Lesotho) .tr (Turkey)
.cv (Cape Verde) .lt (Lithuania) .tt (Trinidad and Tobago)
.cw (Curaçao) .lu (Luxembourg) .tv (Tuvalu)
.cx (Christmas Island) .lv (Latvia) .tw (Taiwan)
.cy (Cyprus) .ly (Libya) .tz (Tanzania)
.cz (Czech Republic) .ma (Morocco) .ua (Ukraine)
.de (Germany) .mc (Monaco) .ug (Uganda)
.dj (Djibouti) .md (Moldova) .uk (United Kingdom)
.dk (Denmark) .me (Montenegro) .us (United States of America)
.dm (Dominica) .mg (Madagascar) .uy (Uruguay)
.do (Dominican Republic) .mh (Marshall Islands) .uz (Uzbekistan)
.dz (Algeria) .mk (Macedonia) .va (Vatican City)
.ec (Ecuador) .ml (Mali) .vc (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
.ee (Estonia) .mm (Myanmar) .ve (Venezuela)
.eg (Egypt) .mn (Mongolia) .vg (British Virgin Islands)
.eh (Western Sahara) .mo (Macau) .vi (United States Virgin Islands)
.er (Eritrea) .mp (Northern Mariana Islands) .vn (Vietnam)
.es (Spain) .mq (Martinique) .vu (Vanuatu)
.et (Ethiopia) .mr (Mauritania) .wf (Wallis and Futuna)
.eu (European Union) .ms (Montserrat) .ws (Samoa)
.fi (Finland) .mt (Malta) .ye (Yemen)
.fj (Fiji) .mu (Mauritius) .yt (Mayotte)
.fk (Falkland Islands) .mv (Maldives) .za (South Africa
.fm (Federated States of Micronesia) .mw (Malawi) .zm (Zambia)
.fo (Faroe Islands) .mx (Mexico) .zw (Zimbabwe)
.fr (France) .my (Malaysia)
.ga (Gabon) .mz (Mozambique)
.gb (United Kingdom) .na (Namibia) .
.gd (Grenada) .nc (New Caledonia)
.ge (Georgia) .ne (Niger)


Internationalized country code top-level domains

internationalized country code top-level domains

ICANN-era generic top-level domains





.academy academic institutes .fish fishing businesses, sports, and interests
.accountant accountants and accounting firms .fishing fishing businesses, sports, and interests
.accountants accountants and accounting firms .fit Fitness and exercise
.active general .fitness Fitness and exercise
.actor actors .flights airline businesses and travel
.adult adult entertainment (pornography) .florist florists
.aero air-transport industry .flowers florists and gardens
.agency business associations .fly travel
.airforce defense contractors .foo web development
.apartments apartments .football soccer and American football
.app Phone apps .forsale online retail
.archi architects and architect firms .foundation charitable organizations
.army defense contractors .fund financial
.associates business associations .furniture furniture businesses
.attorney attorneys and legal organizations .fyi “for your information”
.audio stereo/sound systems, music .gallery photo and art galleries
.bar Bars and related industry .garden gardening
.bargains coupons and online sellers .gift gift-giving
.beer breweries and beer aficionados .gifts gift-giving
.bid auctions .gives charities and gift-giving
.bike bicycles .glass window sales and repairs
.bingo bingo .global general
.bio biodiversity, biographies .gold gold and luxury
.biz business .golf golf
.black those who like the color black .gop Republican Party politics
.blackfriday Black Friday, retail .graphics graphics
.blog Blogs .green the environmentally-focused
.blue those who like the color blue .gripe opinion sites
.boo ghosts and spooky business .guide help sites
.boutique specialized businesses .guitars Guitars
.build construction industry .guru generic expertise
.builders construction workers .healthcare healthcare industry
.business businesses .help help sites
.buzz marketing and social networking .here generic geographic
.cab cabs and taxi companies .hiphop Hip hop culture
.camera camera-related businesses .hiv AIDS and HIV
.camp camps and camping .hockey hockey
.cancerresearch Organizations, research institutes and individuals interested in ending cancer through research .holdings real estate or financial business
.capital financial firms .holiday holiday gift industry
.cards general .homes individuals interested in real estate and home improvement
.care healthcare industry .horse horse-related businesses and interest
.careers Employment .host network companies
.cash financial .house real estate and construction businesses
.casino casinos .how how-to guides
.catering Food service .info information
.center general .ing Verbal suffix: e.g., “jump.ing”.
.ceo CEOs .ink creative printing or tattooing
.chat online chat .insure Insurance companies
.cheap Resellers .international international entities
.christmas Christmas .investments financial
.church churches .jewelry jewelry stores
.city general .jobs Employment
.claims retail, auctions .kim people named Kim
.cleaning Cleaning services .kitchen Also means “who” in Turkish
.clinic healthcare clinics .land food industry and remodeling
.clothing Apparel .lawyer real estate
.club groups, organizations, assemblies, communities, general .lease lawyers and legal organizations
.coach travel (flights and motor coaches) .legal financing
.codes computer or encryption code enthusiasts .lgbt lawyers and legal organizations
.coffee cafés and coffee aficionados .life the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community
.college Educational .lighting general
.community social groups, neighborhoods .limited lighting
.company business associations .limo general
.computer Technology .link limousine businesses
.condos Real estate .loan connecting to information
.construction Construction industry .loans banks and lenders
.consulting hired advisors .lol banks and lenders
.contractors Remodeling and independent businesses .love LOL: laughing out loud
.cooking sharing recipes .luxury dating sites
.cool General interests .management businesses catering to the wealthy
.country general .market business management
.coupons coupons .marketing marketing services and retailers
.credit Financial institutions .markets marketing services
.creditcard Financial institutions .mba financial and stock markets
.cricket cricket .media Masters in Business Administration
.cruises cruise businesses and travel .meet general media interests
.dad families .meme social gatherings, meeting new people
.dance Dance studios and companies .memorial Internet memes
.date online dating .men memorial sites
.dating online dating .menu men
.day general .mobi restaurants
.deals online shopping and couponing .moe mobile devices
.degree general .money Japanese otaku culture
.delivery general .mortgage It is a slang word rooted deep in the Japanese Otaku culture. It has often been used to mean a particular type of “adorable” or “cute” towards fictional characters, people, animals, etc.
.democrat Democratic Party politics .motorcycles financial
.dental dentists .mov mortgage lenders
.dentist dentists .movie motorcycles
.design graphic art and fashion .museum Digital video
.diamonds diamond and jewelry industry .name movies and cinemas
.digital general .navy museums
.direct general .network individuals, by name
.directory general directory .new defense contractors
.discount general .news general
.dog dog stores and owners .ngo general
.domains domain registries .ninja news sites
.download technology .one Non-governmental organizations.
.eat restaurants and foodies .ong Sold packaged with .ong.
.education educational institutes .onl general expertise
.email email .online generic
.energy energy industry and marketing .ooo Non-governmental organizations.
.engineer engineers and engineering firms .organic Sold packaged with .ngo.
.engineering engineering firms .partners short for “online”
.equipment equipment-related businesses .parts generic
.esq lawyers, law firms, legal professionals .party general
.estate real estate businesses .pharmacy organic gardeners, farmers, foods, etc.
.events happenings .photo businesses
.exchange generic trade .photography manufacturing and consumer auto
.expert generic expertise .photos nightclubs and social gatherings
.exposed general interest .physio pharmacies
.express shipping .pics photography and photo-sharing
.fail general .pictures photography and photo-sharing
.faith religion and churches .pink photography and photo-sharing
.fans general .pizza physical therapists
.farm farms and agriculture .place photography and photo-sharing
.fashion clothing industry .plumbing photography and photo-sharing
.finance financial .plus those who like the color pink
.financial financial .poker pizza parlors


Corporate Identifiers domain

corporate identifiers domain

Brand top-level domains

brand top-level domains



When you think about domain name and types that time you should face below short form:

  • DNS name: It means two-letter country-code top-level domain. They follow ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, with some exceptions.
  • Target market or intended use: It means country, dependency, or region wise instructions what kinds of domain and domain strategy goal.
  • Restrictions: Restrictions means, if any, on who can register, and how the domain can be used.
  • Operator: Operator means entity the registry has been delegated to your own domain.
  • IDN: IDN acronym is “Internationalized domain names”. Your domain supported by IDN.
  • DNSSEC: DNSSEC means presence of DS records for Domain Name System Security Extensions.
  • Explanation: Explanation of the code when not self-evident from the English name of the country.
  • SLD: It means allows second-level domain registration (restrictions may apply).
  • IPv6: It means registry fully supports IPv6 access.
  • IANA: IANA acronym is “Internet Assigned Numbers Authority”
  • ICANN: ICANN acronym is “The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers” It’s a nonprofit organization.
  • ARPA: ARPA acronym is “Address and Routing Parameter Area”. It is used exclusively for technical infrastructure purposes.
  • oTLD = Original top-level domains
  • gTLD = Generic top-level domains
  • grTLD = Restricted generic top-level domains
  • sTLD = Sponsored top-level domains
  • ccTLD = Country code top-level domains
  • tTLD = Test top-level domains


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